Mint Gin Rickey

Serves One


1/2 fresh lime, cut into four pieces

4 large mint leaves

2 ounces London dry gin

1-ounce mint simple syrup


mint for garnish


Make the simple syrup by mixing one cup granulated sugar with one cup of water in a small pan over medium heat. Add a handful of fresh mint leaves and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat to cool. Strain the mixture and set aside.

To make the cocktail: Use a tall glass. Place the cut up lime and mint leaves in the bottom of the glass and muddle to release the lime juice and the oils from the rind and the mint leaves. Fill the glass with ice. Pour in the gin and fill the glass with seltzer. Stir the drink with a spoon or one of the stainless steel straws to be sure the flavors are well combined. Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy.