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* A site for the "Hyadian Schism: Chaos in Carcosa" G+ gaming groups. 
Various gaming information will be collected for use by players and to be of use to other Dungeon/Game Masters running their own Carcosa games.
* The Carcosa Role Playing Game setting is the creation of: 
Geoffrey McKinney and the current edition of the book is produced by: 

Carcosa itself is the creation of Ambrose Bierce and later expanded upon by  Robert W. Chambers. You may have seen references to Carcosa and the Yellow King in a show called True Detective.


Art by Zdzislaw Beksinki
* Somewhere in the Labyrinth of Ur-Hazag (Hex 2004)
Hyadian Schism uses a highly modified collection of rules I liked best from various version of D&D and retro-clones, some home brew rules & some imports from other games types. Most the spells & psionics are either new or re-written conversions from other game systems. Spells & Psionics do not have levels & almost all spells improve in capabilities based on the character's level. Spells, Psionics & Cultist's "Miracles" are based on a power points system. The spell casting is influenced by Dungeon Crawl Classics, as is the XP. The Sorcerer & Fighting Man (Now called Warrior) are heavily rewritten compared to the stock Carcosa book. Sorcerers can now cast spells as well as rituals, though the system is setup to reflect the dangers of sorcery. Both classes see a variety of abilities as they grow in level. A number of new character classes & races have been added, in addition to the Thirteen races of Carcosa men. A Sanity & Insanity feature has been added, as well adopted fatigue/encumbrance rules borrowed from friends who's G+ games I play in. 
At the time of writing this, I am nearly finished with a Python based character creation program & am attempting to figure out how to get it running online and link it to this page for convenience.
***Site currently under construction***

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