Software Suite

In the beginning there was CrossMgr, Since then, a number of software solutions are also available on the Downloads page.

Use all the program together, or pick-and-choose which ones you like. Here is a description of each:


Support for any USB-camera which CrossMgr uses to automatically take photos of all finishers as they cross the finish line.

Unlike a manual photographer, the photos are perfectly synchronized and automatically saved to a file by Bib number and Race Time, making them easy to identify later.

A banner is written on the photo including the rider Name, Team and Time.

This makes it easy to post all the photos on-line in one folder as part of the race results web site. Riders can then find their own photo by bib number.

The photos are fully integrated with CrossMgr applicatoin and can be instantly accessed to check close finishes.

Let's face it - every rider wants a picture of their finish for their Facebook page ;)

CrossMgr race photo courtesy of Jon Rosen Systems.


CrossMgr handles multi-category Cyclo-cross and MTB races, either by race time or by laps.

It also handles time trials, and increasingly Gran Fondos.

It has been used by 100's of races worldwide for 1000's of riders, including two Canadian National Cyclocross Championships.

It supports manual entry or chip readers (J-Chip, Impinj or Alien).

It has a unique predictive features that keep typing to a minimum when used manually - just check-off the rider after the first lap. Intelligent error-correction automatically fixes up issues if you miss numbers.

The unique race Chart view makes it easy to fix up timing errors after a race in minutes and the Situation screen makes it easy to restart a race with the same rider's gaps if necessary.

Import the course in GPX format (from an iPhone or Garmin) and show animated riders racing on it.

CrossMgr produces beautiful, animated web output including a Rider Dashboard feature which allows riders to compare their performance lap-by-lap with other riders in the race.

It supports upload formats to USAC, CrossResults, WebScorer as well as InfoStrade format for UCI.

Supports J-Chip and Impinj and Alien chip readers when manual entry isn't enough.


Supports Impinj chip readers for CrossMgr. Used for Cyclo-cross, downhills, MTB and criteriums.


Supports Alien chip readers for CrossMgr


Quick utility to write EPC tags with the Impinj reader in sequence. Read-confirms all writes. Fast enough to program >60 tags/minute. Adds configurable tag prefix to the to ensure your tags don't interfere with other timer's tags.


Combines results into an overall Series using a Points structure or by Total Time.

Input can be CrossMgr race files, or Excel spreadsheets.

Produces an excellent web page showing how the overall results were derived from the input races, including links to the original races.

Also excellent for Enduro-format races timed with CrossMgr (for example, see here and here).


Multi-user web-based solution for race day check in. Dynamically issues unique Bib numbers and programs chip tags on-the-fly with Imping chip reader. Allows riders to check-in for any race at any time by scanning the barcode on their license or reading their chip. Minimizes rider inconvenience with complete accuracy. Produces a "perfect" race input Excel file for CrossMgr.

Easy and intuitive for registration staff. Supports computers and tablets wirelessly at registration.

Allows riders to keep their numbers from race-to-race, and supports a competitions covered by "Season's Pass" so that rider's are not asked to pay twice. Supports signature pad.

Import existing data for riders in various formats (for example, USAC) to get started. Import pre-registration information (for example, BikeReg, or your own spreadsheet).

Instead of spending hours assembling race packages, RaceDB handles everything day-of.


Creates Callups or TimeTrial seeding based on any criteria (for example, UCI Points, National Points and Results from Last Year). Works in seconds. Handles download UCI points. Extensively documented tutorial and example Excel sheet included.

Solve complex Callups and Seeding in seconds - even for day-of registration.


Computes results for Points races. Supported race formats include Criterium, Points, Madison, Point-a-lap and Snowball. Supports proper procedure for counting laps and breaking ties for all formats. Also handles custom race formats of your own invention.

Record laps up/laps down, and input for finish order for Final Classification. Shows intermediate work in results for verification and explanation to riders. Export final results to Excel.

Stop focusing on the arithmetic and watch the race closely.


Manages sprint competitions for 23 sprint competition formats including Individual Track Sprints, Keirin, Cross-Country Eliminator and 4-Cross, as well as half-size and quarter-size formats. Choose the format based on day-of confirmation.

Handles all aspects of competition in including Seeding, Qualifiers and all competition events.

Instantly print start lists and results for each stage of competition.

Correctly ranks eliminated riders by format and correctly handles DNF, DNS and DQ.

Uniquely shows progress of all competitors graphically making it easy to explain the results.

Produces output compatible with SeriesMgr as well as Excel and web..

Managing a sprint competition can be easy.