CrossMgr: Automatic Lap Counter at Night

Post date: Oct 9, 2016 3:20:58 PM

See photo showing the Midweek Cyclocross Race and the creativity of Andrew Paradowski.

Andrew is using a projector to show the CrossMgr's automatic Lap Counter for the riders.

CrossMgr's Lap Counter screen automatically manages a lap counter for up to 4 categories simultaneously.

Each number flips a few seconds before the leader of each category is expected to arrive.

Showing the Lap Counter screen on the big screen make it easy for all riders to follow their race.

No more volunteers required to flip lap counters and no more arguments about who is the leader ;)

Although the lap counter screen has been available in CrossMgr for a few years, using a projector to show it a night race was brilliant (literally).

Andrew also supports real-time results during the race driven the CrossMgrImpinj and chip timing.

And riders don't need to pre-reg - they just scan their chips in RaceDB when they arrive on site.

The Lap Counter is possible due to CrossMgr's rider prediction and error correction capability which forecasts the arrival of every rider in the race.

The photo also shows how dark it is at the race (basically a night).

Without RaceDB, CrossMgr and chip technology, running this 4-category race in the dark would be impossible.

Standard feature with the current software.