RaceDB: Rider check-in by Chip, License or Bib

Post date: Apr 27, 2017 2:28:55 PM

RaceDB now supports race check-in at registration by Chip read, License number (could be barcode scan if your licenses support it), or by Bib number (if you have issued seasonal bibs).

Check-in by chip read is the best as it ensures that the chip is working properly before the race.

This is also supported in RaceDB self-serve mode.

However, it can also be convenient to do overflow check-in by reg staff by reading license codes (read with a barcode reader) or by manually entering the bib number. These methods are fast and do not require a check reader antenna.

If you create you bib numbers using labels from RaceDB, the rider's license number is also printed on the bib in barcode format. This supports check-in by barcode reading the bib number (faster and more accurate)..