CrossMgr 1.23 Available

Post date: Sep 16, 2011 12:19:36 PM

Fixed a minor issue with editing race Properties after "File|New Next..." or "File|Change Properties...".

The previous process was to create all races from File|New..., and import Categories from a saved categories file ("DataMgmt|Import Categories File..."). This can now be done more efficiently.

In CrossMgr, races are created as follows:

File New...: Start: 10:00 Duration: 40 minutes

File New Next... Start: 11:00 Duration 50 minutes

File New Next... Start: 13:00 Duration 60 minutes

New Next also automatically increments the race number but preserves all the other info (race name, organizer, date, etc.).

The default start times and durations correspond to the schedule of many cyclo-cross race days. Details can be adjusted after each New.