New "Auto Detect" connects to Alien and Impinj Readers with One Click

Post date: May 5, 2013 5:09:35 PM

The CrossMgrAlien and CrossMgrImpinj bridge programs have been improved - configuring the connection to talk to the readers is now possible with one click of the "Auto Detect" button.

When you have the computer and reader plugged into a small wired router (like this), it can be confusing to configure the IP of the computer and the reader as they can change on each setup.

A new "Auto Detect" button has been added to the latest version of CrossMgrAlien and CrossMgrImpinj that makes this easier.

Auto Detect searches for the reader on the network. If it finds it, it automatically sets the configuration parameters, and does a Reset.

Auto Detect employs a simple strategy. It assume that you are connected to a small wired router. It knows the IP address of the computer it is running on, and it assumes that IP addresses are given out sequentially by the router (this is true of the TrendNet). It simply checks the adjacent IP addresses looking for a reader response.

Of course, this will only work if you have a small router (<= 6 ports).

Note: Remember to open port 23 for the Alien reader or port 5084 for the Impinj reader! Otherwise Windows will not allow the connection.