RaceDB Enhancements

Post date: May 2, 2015 9:38:42 AM

Thanks to the great feedback, the following features have been added to RaceDB:

  • Additional note fields on Events and LicenseHolders. This allows you to add special instructions for each event and to track notes about LicenseHolders from competition to competition (lost items, etc.)

  • Ability to export Start Lists, License Holders, Season's Pass Holders and Number Sets to Excel. Helpful if you want to do arbitrary analysis of your data outside of RaceDB.

  • Feature to manage duplicate LicenseHolders. Over time and through confusion, database uploads, or be creating temporary licenses until the real ones are known, multiple license holder records can show up for the same athlete. This new interface identifies likely duplicates and allows you to merge the duplicates with one "go-forward" version of the record. This harmonizes all Season's Pass, Number Sets and Participation in previous races to the one record going forward.

Keep those suggestions coming!