RaceDB: Ineligible Riders and Better Analytics

Post date: Jul 28, 2016 12:43:44 PM

RaceDB now supports an "Eligible" flag for License Holders.

This makes it easy to flag a License Holder so that he/she cannot participate in races until some issue is addressed.

This issue could be lack of payment or some other administrative issue that you need to see the rider about..

With the self-serve feature which allows riders to enter a race with a chip read, the Eligible flag allows you to require riders to see the registration desk and not be added automatically.

Ineligible riders cannot self-serve register for races, and a big warning is shown in the Participant form.

It is easy to search for Ineligible riders in the Competition Participants screen.

Ineligible riders can still be pre-registered for races and seeded in time trials (the assumption is that the rider will clear up the issue before the race). Of course, you can always remove ineligible riders from the race manually if you desire.

Ineligible riders are not sent to CrossMgr and will not appear in the results. If a rider was marked as ineligible in error, it is possible to fix the results afterwards as the timing data for that rider is recorded.

The analytics pages have also received an overhaul. Analytics are now divided into panes which makes it easier to see the analysis you are looking for. All analytics panes will print out, however.

Year-on-Year analytics have been improved showing a calendar map of the events by day.

Hovering over the calendar shows the events and participation for that day.

Of course, charts showing participation by year, riders that participated the previous year but not the current year, and riders that participation in any previous year but not the current year are still there.

These charts help you understand participation attrition by year.

Available in latest version of RaceDB.