RaceDB: Now supports Scoring a Race Series

Post date: Jan 11, 2017 10:04:03 PM

RaceDB now supports scoring a race series.

This was the next logical step for RaceDB after being able to upload results from CrossMgr.

The RaceDB Series functionality support linking events to the Series configuring any number of Points-for-Place.

You can also define points for participation (Finisher), DNF and DNS.

Alternatively, you can score the series by total Time, or by % Finish / Winning Time.

Just list SeriesMgr, the Series capability in RaceDB supports mid-series category upgrades, and allows you to specify a factor for how much of the previous points carry forward to the upgraded category.

It is possible to score Categories individually, or combine them into a combined Category Group.

Series standings are instantly available from the RaceDB Hub and available to the public as soon as results are published.

Available in version 1.20.37.