RaceDB: Self-Serve Race Check-in

Post date: Apr 24, 2016 12:20:47 PM

RaceDB now supports self-serve race check-in.

Riders present their permanent chip tags to check-in computers (or tablets) at the race site.

After the chip read, all their race details are checked (category, payment, waiver, emergency contact information, license, etc.).

If there is any missing critical information, the rider is not "clear to race" and is directed to the registration desk.

Otherwise, the rider's race(s) are shown on the screen, and the rider is added to the start list.

This process saves time as registration staff are only required to fix exceptional problems. Standard pre-reg riders and/or Season's Pass Holders can check in quicker without requiring any registration resources.

Of course, if registration assistance is required, it is easy for reg staff to scan the rider's chip again (or read the license barcode if present) and quickly fix the issue.

Self-serve race check-in is done through a special user login in RaceDB. This login ensure that it is impossible for self-serve rider to get to any other functionality in the system.

Accurate, faster, easier and secure!