Automatically Trigger Pictures with CrossMgr Webcam Integration

Post date: Feb 7, 2013 3:51:20 PM

Get great pictures of your event, produce a photo-record of each rider, or check for tight finishes with CrossMgr's new real-time integration with a USB Webcam.

When this feature is enabled, each number entry triggers a snapshot from your USB camera. The snapshot is saved as a .jpg flie by Bib number and time (see CrossMgr Help "Properties" for more details).

The feature works in Regular and Time Trial mode with both manual and chip input.

With chip input, it only takes one picture for riders all in the same group.

Turn on/off picture capture mode anytime during a race if you only want to capture the last few laps, or keep it on all the time during a Time Trial. Keep the photos afterwards, or delete them - your choice.

To try out this new feature, download the latest version of CrossMgr, plug in your USB Webcam.