Cyclocross... and More!

Post date: Apr 24, 2013 8:48:12 PM

A number of solutions are available in addition to CrossMgr. Feel free to download and use (no donation required).

PointsRaceMgr: Instantly score a points race. Choose a standard UCI event (Criterium, Madison, Points Race, etc.) or configure your own points structure. Enter the rider ranking for each points lap and the finish. Results maintained in real-time. Excel output.

SprintMgr: Manage an Individual Sprint competition from qualifying TT through to two-up competitions and repechages. Shows all available events (can select events out-of-order if required). Supports restarts and relegation. Supports whip. Print intermediate results for all events, supports all standard competition formats (Olympic, World Championships) as well as reduced formats (12 and 8 formats - other numbers are OK with missing starters). Auto-pilot design, error-proof. Excel, Web, and graphical output.

Concentrate on the competition, not on the scoring.

UCI Penalties: A searchable html table pre-loaded with all UCI penalties. Think fast - what is the penalty for an illegal feed in a regional race? What is the rule number? Now you know - instantly. Save hours of flipping through the rule book. Load on your iPad.

CrossMgrAlien and CrossMgrImpinj: Bridge programs integrating CrossMgr and the Alien and Impinj RFID readers.