CrossMgr at Small Races

Post date: Jun 26, 2014 11:46:36 AM

Although I make a lot of posts about great finish line photos and chip timing, CrossMgr's roots are in small races.

CrossMgr and Excel an extremely effective system for getting professional results at low cost for Cyclo-cross and MTB races.

Here is how you do it:

  • Create an Excel spreadsheet of the riders in each race from pre-reg. Make each race a "sheet" in the spreadsheet. Add a "Bib#" column. Make reasonable number ranges for each category.

  • Use CrossMgr in manual mode with a number caller. On the first lap, enter the numbers manually. On subsequent laps, click on the numbers as prompted by CrossMgr in the Expected column - no additional typing required.

  • Don't worry if you miss a number here and there (or half the numbers on the first lap!). CrossMgr's powerful auto-correct features will help fill in the missing details.

  • CrossMgr can manage the race by time, or by laps. If you have multiple categories on course, use one lap counter, or a lap counter for each category - CrossMgr supports both.

  • Don't worry if you don't have all the day-ofs in the spreadsheet before the race starts. You don't need the Excel sheet to be complete before you start - the race can run on the bib numbers only.

  • While the race is running, registration catches up and enters the day-of riders into the spreadsheet.

  • After the race is finished, refresh the spreadsheet updated by registration. Publish the great-looking results.

To get even fancier:

  • Get someone to ride around your course with a GPS. Upload the gpx course file into CrossMgr. This is highly recommended as it looks a lot better in the race animation.

  • If you can get an internet connection with an "ftp" interface, post the results in real-time. CrossMgr publishes the "QR-Code" for your web site making it easier for spectators to see live results from their smart phones.

  • This allows everyone at the race - or around the globe - to follow the live results. Spectators can see where their riders are on course in the race animation (this can even be helpful for mechanics in the pit!).

It is neither difficult, nor expensive to get UCI-level results for small races on a tight budget with CrossMgr.

Like dozens of clubs around the world, try running CrossMgr at a club race.

Most people get perfect results on their first race.