CrossMgr 1.90.2 - Now with "Race Lightning"

Post date: Nov 7, 2013 2:55:06 AM

CrossMgr 1.90.2 web output has a new and innovative display: "Race Lightning".

Race Lighting is a new visualization for races that reveals the inner tactics of a race - what groups riders were in, when the pack started chasing down the break, who got shredded - and when. All on one screen, all instantly accessible.

This is one display that can tell all the epic stories of every rider's experience.

"Race Lightning" is a standard part of the CrossMgr 1.90.2 web output.

To see "Race Lightning" in action, download CrossMgr 1.90.2, run the demo to completion, then generate HTML output. Pick a category, and scroll down to the bottom. Mouse-over the boxes. Investigate the groups. Understand the race.

You have to see it!