CrossMgr: Better support for riders missing from the spreadsheet with RFID

Post date: Jun 4, 2015 12:14:24 PM

CrossMgr v2.1.23 now better supports riders missing from spreadsheet when operating with RFID.

Previously, RFID tags that did not match a spreadsheet entry would be ignored.

Now, these tags and their timestamps are stored in CrossMgr.

If those riders are added to the spreadsheet later, their results will be automatically pulled into CrossMgr (just switch screens to refresh the display).

To help understand if the unmatched tags are from legitimate riders in the race, or spurious reads, there is a new window called "Unmatched RFID Tags".

This window shows the tag value, as well as a chart of the reads. If the reads follow the lap structure of the race, it is likely that this rider is missing from the spreadsheet and needs to be added.

If the reads show no pattern, they are likely spurious and can be ignored.

For convenience, there is a button to export the "Unmatched RFID Tags" to Excel for further analysis.