RaceDB 0.2.50 Available

Post date: Aug 31, 2014 10:53:29 AM

RaceDB, the race check-in system continues to develop.

RaceDB makes it easy to issue unique bib numbers and chips - right at rider check-in. It talks to an Impinj chip reader and can dynamically program rider's chips. RaceDB eliminates most registration errors - duplicate bib numbers in the same race, and missing chip tags are a thing of the past. RaceDB also eliminates most prep work. Bib numbers and chips can by dynamically issued by registration staff during the check-in process.

For riders with existing Bib and chips, rider can check-in just by scanning their chip.

A few minutes before the race start, RaceDB generates a perfect Excel configuration file for CrossMgr.

The latest feature manages "Season's Passes". After adding riders to the Seasons' Pass list, those riders will automatically be marked as "Paid" when they check-in to the event.

This further streamlines the check-in process - staff know who has already paid for the race.

If you are running a previous version of RaceDB, note the following upgrade procedure in the Install-Readme.txt instructions:


* Important Note about upgrading to Version 0.2.50 from Earlier Versions


Version 0.2.50 introduces a new feature - the Season's Pass.

If you need to migrate an an existing pre-0.2.50 database, you must follow these steps.

If you are not upgrading from a previous version of RaceDB, then don't worry - nothing extra is required.

First, make a backup copy of your database file just in case something goes wrong.

In the RaceDB folder, run the follow commands:

python manage.py syncdb

python manage.py dbshell

The last command will create an SQL command line. Carefully cut-and-paste the following commands, one line at a time, into the command line. Make sure you include the trailing semi-colon on the first line. Press Enter after each command:

ALTER TABLE "core_competition" ADD COLUMN "seasons_pass_id" integer REFERENCES "core_seasonspass" ("id") DEFAULT NULL;


That's it!

Now, follow Step 7 to launch RaceDB as usual.

A Season's Pass is a collection of Season's Pass Holders.

When you link a Competition to a Season's Pass, riders who check-in to a Competition will be automatically marked as Paid.