CrossMgr 1.90.0 Now Supports Unicode

Post date: Oct 17, 2013 11:08:25 PM

CrossMgr 1.90.0 now supports unicode including accented and other non-ascii alphabets and characters.

These include Japanese, Chinese and Cyrillic.

Unicode is supported in CrossMgr's internal text fields as well as all data read from the Excel spreadsheet including proper names and teams. All accents are be properly displayed within CrossMgr as well as in its Excel and Web output.

CrossMgr 1.90.0 is also completely backwards compatible with previous version's race files.

The following is now acceptable in CrossMgr 1.90.0:

  • ¡Increíble! CrossMgr soporta unicode!

  • Невероятно! CrossMgr поддерживает Unicode!

  • Không thể tin được! CrossMgr hỗ trợ unicode!

  • Απίστευτο! CrossMgr υποστηρίζει unicode!

  • Niesamowite! CrossMgr obsługuje unicode!

  • 信じられない! CrossMgrは、Unicodeをサポートしています!

  • 令人難以置信!的unicode CrossMgr支持!

  • 인크 레 더블! CrossMgr 유니 코드를 지원합니다!

  • ČŕőśśMġŕ ɹƃWssoɹƆ