RaceDB: Now supporting rider sign-in with touch-screen

Post date: May 10, 2015 7:49:32 PM

RaceDB now supports rider sign-in via touch screen, as well as the Scriptel signature pad.

As RaceDB is a web app, it is easy to use tablets to check in riders anywhere within wifi range.

With the ability to sign right on the tablet's touch screen (with a finger of a stylus), sign-on sheets are eliminated entirely.

This saves time, effort and paper for the registration staff. Day-of registration are also handled easily.

With tablets, check-in staff are not tethered to the desk - they are free to process riders anywhere.

Riders are only required to go the desk if they need chip tags or do not already have a bib number.

This feature makes it easier, faster and more flexible to check-in riders to the event.