Time Trial Enhancements

Post date: May 28, 2013 1:32:26 AM

CrossMgr v1.85 has a number of new features for Time Trial support. These include:

  • Time Trial Input Mode. Click a button to get the time, then enter the Bib number afterwards - just like with a manual stopwatch. Or use the "classic" number interface with a number caller. Toggle between the two input modes. Automatically take and retrieve a finish line picture with your USB Webcam to read the number.

  • Timer Trial Start Time import. Create seeded start times in Excel for an entire event. Upload the start times into CrossMgr in advance. Change them later and re-import before or after the event.

  • Time Trial Adjustments. Add time penalties and a note for the reason/rule.

  • "Selected" Category Printout. Choosing the "Selected" option in "Print Results" will only print the current category, not All categories. Save paper and time when you only need a new version of one category's results.

  • Race "Notes" field. What was the temperature? How windy? What direction? Did it rain? Make notes of the event in the Properties/Notes field.

More enhancements are on the way (mostly to get all the new information into the reports).

For details, please see "Help". Do a Search for "time trial entry".

All are available in the latest-and-greatest version v1.85.

Help me make CrossMgr the preferred tool for time trials - keep those great suggestions coming.

Email me at edward.sitarski@gmail.com.