CrossMgr: Now with "Situation Chart"

Post date: Aug 4, 2014 10:44:57 PM

CrossMgr 1.93.0 now includes the Situation Chart - a new display that graphically shows the entire race situation:

Who is in the lead, who is chasing, what the gaps are from the leader and between the groups is easy to comprehend just be looking at the chart.

The "Situation Chart" is also available on the web, so when the race is published in real-time, spectators and the announcer can continuously remain informed about how the race is unfolding, in English, French and Spanish.

After the race, a "Time Slider" allows anyone to change time to any point in the race to show the groups and gaps at that time. This allows you to make your own animation of how the race unfolded allowing you to play back an entire race in seconds.

This display is an amazingly clear way to understand exactly what happened during a race - who was in the break, who bridged, who fell off. It makes the race much more accessible.

It works best for short-lap races like criteriums.

This display is much more effective than the "Race Lightning" chart and has replaced it in the web output.

As usual, feedback is welcome!