SeriesMgr: Support for Team Series

Post date: Jun 21, 2017 2:31:08 PM

The latest version of SeriesMgr (v2.8.16) now supports team series results, available in a new "Team Results" screen.

Currently, Team Results are computed based on Points, and uses the same Points-for-Place scoring for individuals (including any points specified for participation and DNF).

This is all configured in the "Scoring Criteria" screen, which includes a field for the maximum number of team member results to count per race in the "Scoring Criteria" screen.

Mid-season upgrades have no effect on Team Results, which are simply computed from team members results in each race.

There is also a convenient "Team Aliases" feature. This screen allows you to define alternate team spellings. Doing this in the aliases screen is more efficient than fixing up inconsistencies in multiple CrossMgr or Excel race files.

See the "Team Aliases" screen for more explanation.

I am looking for feedback on this feature. I checked a number of examples I could find on the internet, and what I did was consistent with them.

If you have some ideas, let me know!

My initial attempt took the most straight-forward route possible.

Using Points is the easiest. Combined results based on time leads to problems if the minimum number of team members does not show up to an event (perhaps should be counted as non-participation in the event?).

Update - Some initial feedback:

  • Provide ability to exclude certain Categories from Team Results (for example, beginner categories).

  • Score a Team TT, by taking the time based on the Nth rider in a team finish. The N is specified by Category. Perhaps a "compassion" option to take the last team member's time if the team was smaller than N.

  • Score Teams based on total time of top N team member finishes. This involves handing more complicated cases (team is too small, missed events in a Series, tie breaking, etc.). Would need to look at rules for stage races.

In all cases, consider porting functionality to CrossMgr. Perhaps just Team TT and Team based on time only (no points).