SeriesMgr automatically combines the results from any number of CrossMgr races, or spreadsheets into a Series, saving hours of work and eliminating mistakes.

You can use the pre-defined points format, or define you own. SeriesMgr also support scoring by total time, and can include Points earned through Premiums in CrossMgr.

Different races can have different scoring formats. For example, some races can have "double points".

Multiple categories are included in the series results.

Control over which Categories are scored is determined by the "Series" flag in CrossMgr.

This allows you to ignore certain race categories (beginner, kids, etc.) and exclude them from the series.

Changes in the outcome of any of the races in the series are updated the next time you run SeriesMgr. This makes it easy to keep series results current if the underlying race results change.

SeriesMgr supports scoring series by:

  • Total Points per Place (for example, 25 points for 1st, 20 points for 2nd, etc.). Useful for standard race series. Can also include points earned in Premiums in races.

  • Total Finish Time (for example, 33:31, 23:16). Useful for Enduros and other TT series. The number of events completed is also considered, so riders who complete fewer events are not on top.

  • Total Points as a Percentage of Winner's time. For example, winner gets 100. Other riders get points as the percentage of the winner's time divided by their finish time. Common in MTB series.

Extensive tie-breaking rules are configurable (number of 1st places, then 2nd places, etc. etc.) and/or event participation.

There are a number of additional options for other specifics (participation points per event, etc.).

Output is available in HTML or Excel. All work is shown - this makes it easy for riders to validate the results.

Web output links back to the races in the series so riders can check the results for themselves.

If you are scoring races with CrossMgr, and need to score a series, SeriesMgr makes it easy.

All releases for Windows, Mac and Linux are available from the github release page here.