SeriesMgr Now Handles Mid-Season Upgrades

Post date: Dec 4, 2015 10:46:24 AM

SeriesMgr now handles mid-season category upgrades.

You can specify what fraction of the points earned in the previous category to carry forward into the new category.

The only additional input you need is done on the SeriesMgr Upgrades screen.

Here you indicate the Category Upgrade Progression - a comma-separated list of the categories that form an upgrade path. This is required so that SeriesMgr knows what categories are part of upgrades, and what direction is "up".

For example, if your Upgrades screen looked like this:

Category Upgrade Progression

Beginner (Men), Novice (Men), Intermediate (Men), Expert( (Men)

Beginner (Women), Novice (Women), Intermediate (Women), Expert( (Women)




It indicates an upgrade progression from Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Expert for men and women.

Upgrades are then detected automatically when a rider has race results from one category to an upgrade category in the progression. When an upgrade is detected, 0.5 of the points earned in the previous category are carried forward to the new category.

Upgrades work with all the other SeriesMgr options including only considering a certain number of best results and tie-breaking rules. They also work with the time-based scoring policies.

Previous category races are shown in the SeriesMgr output for upgraded riders. This makes it easy for riders to check that the results are correct.

Finally, SeriesMgr handles the unlikely case of a rider being upgraded more than once in a season.

You don't have to worry about it.