CrossMgr 1.82: Usability Improvements and Release Notes

Post date: Dec 22, 2012 12:39:08 PM

CrossMgr 1.82 is now the latest beta release. A "Gender" field ("Men", "Women", "Open") has been added to Categories and now is part of the Category identification. The default is "Open".

Important Note: Gender is now carried through with the category name, both in CrossMgr and in generated results. You will need to set the correct Gender in the Categories screen to fix output in existing race file (just takes a few seconds).

The good news is that you don't need to repeat the Gender in the category name itself anymore. You can even have two categories with the same name with different genders.

This release also swaps the Expected and Recorded lists, which makes the program easier to use. This change brings the Expected list next to the number input at the upper left of the screen. This eliminates the constant mouse movement from the lower left screen to the edit input, and keeps your eye focused on the same part of the screen - reducing fatigue.

There is now a race progress chart for each category in the Record screen. This makes it much easier to manage multiple categories - especially if they are racing for different laps or times.

Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions.