FAQ Page

How to Donate to CrossMgr?

You can help the development of CrossMgr by donating.

If you are using CrossMgr for club events with no entry fee, or kids races (U17 and younger), then there is no recommended donation.

If you are using CrossMgr for races with an entry fee, the recommended donation is $0.25 for each 17+ rider for each race (U17 riders are free).

For example, if you have 100 riders at your event who are 17+, consider a donation of $25.

This donation is for each rider and event only. Download as many copies of CrossMgr as you like, and run as many copies of CrossMgr at the same time at your race - no problem (this is recommended if you want a backup).

Making a donation is easy:

  1. Login to PayPal. If you do not have an account, Sign Up for one.

  2. In your PayPal account, click on the “Send Money” tab.

  3. In the “To” field, enter: edward.sitarski@gmail.com

  4. Enter the Amount: = $0.25 X #Adults (17 years and older)

  5. Click on the “Personal” tab.

  6. Then click on “Gift”.

  7. Press Continue and follow the rest of the PayPal instructions.

  8. Make sure to send me an email so I can thank you personally.

Thanks again for your support.

Does CrossMgr work with Chip Readers?


CrossMgr has full, real-time integration with J-Chip, Alien and Impinj readers. J-Chip is an active chip system, Alien and Impinj use passive (disposable) chips.

Putting together a passive chip reading system is explained in detail in CrossMgrImpinjReadme.pdf (see here). This system was created for the Midweek cycling club in Toronto, Ontario, and is used for their weekly criterium series. It describes all the equipment, vendors and techniques to build a robust system with a very high read rate.

You can use an Alien reader instead of an Impinj reader (used Alien readers come up frequently on eBay often for much reduced prices).

If you are handy, have the technical capability equivalent to setting up a network printer, and have a few hours to spend, you can be successful at this project.

If you are looking for a highly accurate and high-quality out-of-the-box solution, consider J-Chip. However, J-Chip uses "active" chips which are considerably more expensive than the disposable ones.

How do I install CrossMgr?

  1. Go to Downloads.

  2. Select the version of CrossMgr you wish to install. This is the file of the form "CrossMgr...exe".

  3. Download the version and install it.

  4. Download CrossMgrTutorial.doc

  5. Work through the tutorial in CrossMgrTutorial.doc

  6. Read the rest of the manual.

  7. Consider donating!

Thanks for using CrossMgr!

I have an existing version of CrossMgr already installed. Do I need to do anything to upgrade?

Short answer: No.

All versions of CrossMgr are backwards-compatible with data format.

Just install the new version and go.

Note: CrossMgr is not forwards-compatible. For example, if you write a file with a newer version then those features are not going to work in an older version of the software.

How do I install CrossMgr on my Mac?

  1. Go to Downloads..

  2. Look for installs that end in .dmg.

How do I install CrossMgr on Linux?

  1. Go to Downloads.

  2. Look for installs that end in .AppImg.