CrossMgr 1.87 is Now the Recommended Release

Post date: Aug 13, 2013 1:40:07 PM

CrossMgr 1.87 is now the recommended release.

Over the summer, it has gained enough use that I am confident in the new capabilities.

In addition to the bug fixes, this version of CrossMgr includes:

  • A new Category summary report (available in the Categories screen) that summarizes the number ranges and categories, as well as the expected number of starters if they are listed in the external spreadsheet. Great to give to officials before the start of the race.

  • Multi-page printing that handles large categories. Ability to choose which categories to print.

  • Support for point-to-point courses uploaded in GPX format as well as laps.

  • Support for "elevation.csv" file from MapMyRide

  • "Altigraph" shown in Results output with GPX course

  • Race notes which appear in the web results. Supports text and embedded html.

  • Time-trial input screen. Allows clicking to get times, then adding number afterwards

  • Start Time upload from Excel for time trials.

  • "Google Map Ride" in results web page which does a 3-d virtual course ride with the Google Earth Plugin (very cool!)

  • Support for the usb camera that is triggered to take a picture of riders recorded at the finish line (this feature is still a bit tricky as it requires good timing between the camera and the computer).

  • Course preview web page showing course, fly-through animation and link to Google Maps for driving directions.

  • Support for Rider Age in the linked spreadsheet

  • And much more!

Upgrades are also available for the CrossMgrAlien and CrossMgrImpinj bridge programs that link CrossMgr to the Alien and Impink chip readers (JChip users plug into CrossMgr directly):

  • Auto-configure feature scans the network looking for the reader (no messing with IP addresses).

  • Color-coded screen status showing connection status.

  • Improved fault-tolerance. It is now possible to disconnect the network or power cables at any time - the computer and reader will automatically reconnect and continue within seconds.

Thanks to all for the great feedback and suggestions!