RaceDB: Introducing Results Hub

Post date: Dec 31, 2016 2:56:31 PM

Introducing Results Hub: a web capability to show results generated from CrossMgr.

Results Hub is fully searchable by Competition and Athlete. It shows

It runs in a write-protected mode which makes it suitable to deploy as a public web site.

To get started with Results Hub, it is necessary to upgrade to the latest versions of RaceDB (>=1.2.31) and CrossMgr (>=2.9.2).

The next task is to upload your existing CrossMgr results into RaceDB. Open each CrossMgr race and do "File/Upload Results to RaceDB Server...". This only works for CrossMgr races generated from RaceDB.

In RaceDB, you can explore Results Hub from the Competition Dashboard. As super-user, go to a Competition with uploaded results and press the "Results Hub" button.

You can also launch a Results Hub server. This does not allow any editing and is suitable to deploy as a public web site.

See the RaceDB help on "Hub" for details.

See the live results at Escape Velocity.

This is a very new capability. Feedback is welcome!