How Much Mud? This Much Mud!

Post date: Oct 9, 2016 11:12:20 AM

A story from Stuart Lynne at Escape Velocity in BC:

The tags in the photo were actually not bad, but by the end of the third race some of the tag numbers simply could not be seen through the mud.

For a lot of riders we couldn't visually see the tag or BIB by the end of their race, but could see that the tags reading in CrossMgr and were matching faces we knew.

There was only one identified non-read that was possibly due to mud. Quite literally over a 1/8" (2mm?) of mud coated it on both sides of the tag. We had to run after that person at the finish to get his number (bib was also not readable.)

Not bad for 270 riders across three races.

For a number of years now, Stuart has been helping to tune the Impinj reader parameters in CrossMgr to get the best results for bike races. It is great to see work pay off.