RaceDB: New Feature: Competition Export and Import

Post date: Sep 1, 2016 1:13:58 PM

RaceDB now supports Competition Export and Import.

This feature makes it easy for different organizers using different instances of RaceDB to share info.

This make it easy to combine new permanent bib number assignments, waivers and rider info into a master database copy.

All information about the Competition is Exported and Imported including Number Sets, Waivers, License Holders, Teams, Categories and Category Number ranges. On Import, the information is merged with the existing database.

The feature makes it possible to create a Competition "template" and send it to a new organizer. In this way, a new organizer can get rolling with a standard race format with all the details about events, start waves, offsets and categories pre-configured.

Import the template, change the Competition Name and Date, and go. Complex event formats only need to be configured once..

This feature also makes it possible to post standard Competition formats for download (stay tuned for more details of when these will be available on the CrossMgr site).

RaceDB also supports RFID tag inter-operabiliy. The "RFID Tag from License" option will generate the RFID tag based on the rider's license code rather than the database id. In this way, two instances of RaceDB generate the same unique tag for each rider. So, a tag written by one organizer will inter-operate with another without issue.

This requires some more discipline in keeping the license codes up-to-date.

For integrity purposes, Competition Export/Import does not change RFID tags (that is handled by the "RFID Tag from License" feature).

If you have any comments about this new feature, let me know!