RaceDB 0.3.0 Upgrade Available

Post date: Feb 15, 2015 2:45:29 PM

A new version of RaceDB is available that includes support for Time Trials and Optional Events, as well as the usual Mass Start races.

During the check-in process, rides can be identified by a barcode scan of their license (if available), or by an RFID of their existing chip. They then can be selected for Optional events.

Significant work was done to support seeding for Time Trials. This can be done in Category Waves, then by estimated average speed (also collected at registration).

Of course, you can edit the TT start list manually afterwards to "tweak" it if needed.

When you are satisfied with the start list, created a download for CrossMgr that is automatically initialized with start times and ready to go.

This version of RaceDB utilizes the latest features of Django, the underlying framework used in CrossMgr.

This makes it much easier to add additional fields to the RaceDB database on-the-fly.

Please read the InstallReadme.txt instructions carefully as they have changed.

Critically, there are two steps that have changed:

Upgrade all the dependent modules:

From a cmd line in the RaceDB folder, do:

Windows: python dependencies.py --upgrade

Linux: sudo python dependencies.py --upgrade

Migrate to the new database format:

From a cmd line in the RaceDB folder, do:

python manage.py migrate

As usually, if there are additional suggestions about the new functionality, let me know.