CrossMgr 2.1.0 Released

Post date: Mar 12, 2015 12:13:22 PM

This release includes the cumulative update of bug fixes and enhancements since 2.0.0.

All details can be found in the CrossMgr help pages.

Changes include:

  • Automatic Lap Counter. Lap counter (or race time countdown clock) can be shown in a separate screen. Perfectly manages multiple lap counters for all categories on course. Eliminates lap counter errors.

  • Open files by drag-and-drop. Drag-and-drop CrossMgr race files or RaceDB Excel sheets into the CrossMgr main window, or the desktop icon to open them. Faster and more convenient.

  • Finish Line Photo Strip. When using CrossMgrCamera and an inexpensive USB camera, the photos can now be combined into a composite finish line strip photo. Of course, this is nowhere near the same a high-speed finish line camera, but the results can still be spectacular.

  • Time Trial Start countdown web page. A convenient web page generated from the rider information and start times in CrossMgr. Counts down each rider with countdown clock and appropriate beeps at 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 seconds. Eliminates start errors at time trials, especially when there are missing riders or changes in the rider start gaps.

  • Travel Map Web page. Shows a "heat map" of where all the race competitors came from. Useful for competitors and organizers to see where and how far competitors traveled. Requires "City" and "StateProv" in rider data.

  • Excel publish bug fix. Fixed bug in the Excel publish when publishing and empty race.

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