CrossMgr: Performance Improvements for Gran Fondos

Post date: Jun 22, 2016 10:45:52 PM

I wasn't thinking about Gran Fondos when CrossMgr was originally designed.

But... that didn't stop an increasing number of organizers from using CrossMgr/RaceDB for Gran Fondos.

RaceDB's ability to issue bib number and create chip tags on-the-fly, and its self-serve check-in makes it easy to process large numbers of riders quickly with minimal staff.

CrossMgr and CrossMgrImpinj make it possible to record rider's times with inexpensive chips.

It made sense.

Previously, CrossMgr would begin to experience performance slowdowns with over a hundred riders. I had some worry that with all the dynamic update features, live web page, etc. CrossMgr would not be able to scale to large races without compromising features.

I am pleased to report that the performance issues have been addressed in CrossMgr 2.5.17.

This version has been shown to handle 6,000 riders with good performance without compromising its dynamic, graphical and real-time features (this was based on simulation - I don't yet have a dataset of this size).

CrossMgr required about 1Gig of RAM to do this.

6,000 riders is not a hard limit - it is just the size I ran in the simulation. The only limit to the number of riders would be the amount of computer memory. This is reasonable - I would expect 12,000 riders would take about 2Gigs of RAM.

If you have really big Gran Fondo, please contact me.

There are number of features like web-based Kiosk mode (results board) that could improve the event.