Improvements to Pulling Riders in CrossMgr

Post date: Jul 22, 2014 12:30:49 PM

Just got back from an assignment at the Canadian MTB Nationals at Hardwood near Barrie Ontario.

I was working at the 80% zone (using CrossMgr, of course), which was a tremendous help as we could see the riders outside the 80% time cut, by category, before they arrived. Iin CrossMgr, riders outside the 80% time cut are shown in red in the Expected list.

This made it easy to sort out riders to be pulled in different categories doing a different number of laps.

Even with 6 categories on course doing a different number of laps, you can manage the 80% rule with one person - just pull the numbers shown in red. You will know who they are minutes before they arrive.

Based on that experience, I made some improvements to to handling pulled riders in the results (available in the latest release, 1.92.11).

Pulled riders are now shown in the results as regular finishers, the Gap shows the number of incomplete laps.

The riders are ranked by laps completed, then by time pulled - as they should.

There is now a convenient feature in the Chart that allows you to pull after a lap. This marks the rider as pulled, and sets the pulled time to just after the last recorded lap. This allows you to quickly fix the race give a list of pulled riders.

Of course, you can enter the Pulled time directly in RiderDetail.

The previous CrossMgr behavior was much more difficult that it should have been, and involved turning off auto-correct, etc. I was thinking that PUL riders was a reminder that you had to fix up the rider's times manually.

The previous thinking was cumbersome. The new behavior is fast and easy.

If you are a MTB official at a race with 6 categories on the course, and the chief wants you to invoke the 80% rule, don't run away screaming!

Run CrossMgr, and pull the riders in the Expected list highlighted in red - you will know who they are, by category, minutes before they arrive. It makes it easy.

The same functionality is helpful in Criteriums and Road Races too. Pulled riders will automatically be ranked by laps completed, then by pulled time.