StageRaceGC: support for Sprint points and KOM

Post date: Jul 9, 2016 9:07:04 PM

StageRaceGC has been upgraded to support Sprint points (green jersey) and KOM points.

All input data is entered in a simple Excel spreadsheet (example and tutorial included).

StageRaceGC does all the rest in seconds.

It computes the Individual GC, Team GC, Points GC and KOM GC.

Results are shown on the screen and can be saved in an Excel spreadsheet.

All UCI specified tie-breaking rules are applied correctly.

Because StageRaceGC scores the race from "scratch" each time, changes to earlier stages are easily propagated through to the GC.

Unlike other scoring systems, StageRaceGC completely shows its work. This makes it easy to check results - especially when tie breaking rules are applied.