RaceDB enables registration staff to check in riders, issue unique Bib numbers and create/validate chip tags.

It supports multiple tablets and browsers and dramatically reduces waiting time for riders at events.

Riders can sign with their finger on the tablet touch-screen.

RaceDB is a web application, however, it does not require a connection to the internet. Rather, it runs on a local machine. Other tablets and browsers connect to it from a local wireless network. This is easy to set up.

Just before a race starts, RaceDB can generate a "perfect" race file for CrossMgr to run and time the race. No live network link is required while the race is running (too risky!). Of course, CrossMgr results can be combined with SeriesMgr to produce nice series results.

Riders can be identified by chip read, barcode scan (USAC and OCA licenses have barcodes) or manual name lookup. Entering a rider by an existing chip tag is particularly effective as it also tests that the tag works.

RaceDB can be initialized with USAC, OCA and CyclingBC data. This eliminates data entry time and allows you to recognize any rider who comes to your race.

RaceDB and CrossMgr fully support the new UCIID fields. RaceDB manages UCIID and Nation Code, and CrossMgr is capable of creating perfect results spreadsheets for sending to the UCI.

A RaceDB "Competition" can be initialized with pre-reg spreadsheet in USAC, BikeReg, CNN, or your own format. This makes it easy to enter pre-reg and paid participants.


RaceDB eliminates the need to create race packages beforehand. Bibs are distributed by race staff following number ranges you define. Chip tags are created on-the-spot by registration staff as necessary. It is easy to handle lost/nonworking chips. RaceDB will not issue a bib number to more than one rider, nor will it issue a non-unique chip tag either.

RaceDB generates chip tags keyed to the individual rider, not race bib number. This means that chips can be reused from race to race even if the rider gets a different bib number. It can also be moved from bike to bike (eg. road to cross) and multiple tags can be used on multiple pit bikes. Tags can be generated using the rider's license number or by internal database id (the default) if not all riders have licenses.

Tags by license number allows chip tags to be shared between different organizers using RaceDB.

RaceDB supports permanent bib numbers for the season (NumberSets) Lost and found bibs are tracked and re-issued when found as appropriate. The person who was allocated the bib, and the known date of loss are tracked in case you have a replacement fee.

Season's Pass holders are supported if you have riders that can pay once for the season - not by each event.

Riders can participate in multiple categories in the same event. RaceDB tracks payment for each entry and can support rides representing different teams by category in the same day.

RaceDB has been used extensively at small and large events.

At small events, it is particularly convenient for "drop-in" crits and cross races where riders can check in with their existing tags and have paid with a Season's Pass. It is great to track participation for sponsorship purposes.

At large events, RaceDB can be used with multiple check-in and self-serve stations. Peak rider checkin throughput with 6 stations was measured at 20 riders/min (3 seconds per rider).

RaceDB also has extensive participation Analytics, both by event and year-on-year. It easy to see how many attendees per event, how many unique attendees for the year, breakdown by age, gender and category.

Accurate numbers are critical for attracting sponsorship and planning for future events.

How many times have you sat around a table discussing whether numbers were increasing or decreasing, whether a certain category was gaining in popularity, or whether a certain bike race was attractive to a certain age group or gender?

Now you know. Some users report that RaceDB Analytics were reason enough to use the system.

RaceDB is available as a Docker install and is available from github release page here.