Alien Reader Support Update

Post date: Mar 9, 2013 1:55:51 PM

2013 looks to be an interesting year with a number of folks planning to try the CrossMgrAlien to talk to an Alien RFID reader.

All the basics are all there (still working on more documentation), however, there is still some discussion about the commands that should be sent to the reader to get the best read/time accuracy performance.

Based on my emails with Alien support (who have been really helpful), I have this:

set AcquireMode = Inventory # resolve multiple tag reads rather than just reading the closest/strongest tag

set AcqG2Q = 5 # tell the reader to expect a larger group of tags in each read cycle (2^5 = 32)

set AcqG2Cycles = 8 # set the outer loop to make the reader work harder to get reads

set RFModulation = STD # Standard operating mode

Suggestions for improvements anyone?

Send me an email and I will make it better.