Combine Races into a Points Series Easily with SeriesMgr

Post date: Nov 13, 2013 2:42:04 PM

Do you have a set of races, and need to combine them together into a Points Series?

Have you ever done this in Excel? What a nightmare - especially if the results change!

Now there is a better way - SeriesMgr. See example output from SeriesMgr here.

SeriesMgr lets you include any number of races in your Series (either in CrossMgr or Excel format), allows you specify any points structures, then combines the overall results by Category.

All races can use the same scoring, or different races can use different scoring - the choice is up to you. There is tie breaking based on the number of 1st places, 2nd places, etc., and/or the results of the last race.

You can get a combined result for a dozen races in a few minutes, then publish to Excel or the web.

SeriesMgr shows the total points as well as the scoring and placing for all the races, so it is easy for competitors to see how it got its results.

Need to make a change to a result after the fact? No problem - make the change in the race, then republish from SeriesMgr. The change is updated automatically.

Race results in Excel or CrossMgr format can be combined in the same series.

SeriesMgr has great sorting features to fix data inconsistencies between races (misspelled names, licenses, etc.).