CrossMgr: Now requires 64-bit Windows

Post date: Feb 28, 2016 6:43:50 PM

CrossMgr 2.4.0 now requires 64-bit Windows to run, and will not run on 32-bit machines anymore.

Although this was inevitable, I intended to manage this transition smoothly.

Unfortunately, my 7 year old 32-bit development laptop was recently stolen, and I had no choice but to move development to a new Windows 10 computer (naturally 64-bit).

I hope this does not cause too much inconvenience for everyone.

On a positive note, Windows 10 is now used in CrossMgr development and testing.

This will make support easier to going forward.

Also, the software seems *slightly* faster in 64-bit, although I don't have any benchmarks.

Thanks for your understanding.