CrossMgrImpinj: Dramatic Improvement in Passive RFID Tag Read Rate

Post date: May 27, 2015 10:07:59 AM

CrossMgrImpinj v0.15 now implements reader parameters that dramatically improve the passive RFID tag read rate for Impinj readers.

To see the difference for yourself, take a look at the following screen shots.

The "stars" show auto-corrected missed chip reads.

There are far fewer corrections in the "After" screenshot showing much higher read performance.

The key changes are that CrossMgrImpinj instructs the reader to tell the tags not to transmit after their value has been read.

The number of riders expected crossing the finish line at the same time is also configurable (1-2 for TT, 100+ for criterium and road race).

Utilizing these features was key to the improved performance.

The latest version of CrossMgrImpinj is available on the downloads page.

Special thanks to Stuart Lynne at Escape Velocity,