CrossMgr: Now with Web-based Lap Counter

Post date: Aug 26, 2017 1:25:32 PM

CrossMgr 2.10.30 now supports a web-based Lap Counter.

This allows you to use a tablet mounted on a stand as a lap counter.

The tablet is automatically controlled by CrossMgr, which talks to it over a local wifi network.

The web-based Lap Counter is easily accessible from the Index web page from CrossMgr.

The Lap Counter page responds to the current running race, so, once you bring it up, it will reset itself and follow all the races throughout day.

This feature provides more flexibility over the previous Lap Counter screens in CrossMgr, which required a monitor or a projector (of course, in some situations this still works better).

To see a demo of the web-based Lap Counter:

  1. Start CrossMgr

  2. Do Tools/Simulate Race..., press "Mass Start Race"

  3. Do Web/Index Page.

  4. On the web page, select Lap Counter.

  5. A Lap Counter will be displayed on the web page, exactly like the CrossMgr screen.

  6. To return to the Index page, use the "Back" button on the browser.

To see the Lap Counter on a tablet:

  1. Make sure your CrossMgr computer is connected to a local wifi network.

  2. Follow steps 1-3 if you have not done so.

  3. On the Index page, press the Share icon at the top. This will create a QR-code of the Index page.

  4. Point your tablet at the computer screen and activate a QR-Code reader app (on Android, available here).

  5. After getting the Index page up on the tablet from the QR-Code, choose "Lap Counter".