Publish Registered Racers Before the Race

Post date: Nov 7, 2013 2:48:21 AM

CrossMgr 1.90.2 has the ability to create web output showing all rider bibs, names and teams before the start of the race.

This is a great tool for getting feedback and correcting errors before race day. Simply generate and post the output, then wait for riders to contact you with any errors/omissions through the displayed email link.

This page includes all riders in the linked spreadsheet, by category. Riders are marked "NP" (Not Placed), as the race as not started yet.

If you upload the GPX file of the course, further features are enabled.

The "Course Map" button is available, which includes a "Get directions" button that makes it easy for riders to get directions to the race with Google Maps. The interactive altitude graph allows riders to plan their strategy based on the course climbs.

There is also the option to do a "Virtual Ride" of the course right in the browser with Google Earth.

These features are a great way to promoted and build excitement before your race.