RaceDB: Version 3.0.10 Upgrade Available

Post date: Feb 18, 2015 4:04:12 PM

The purpose of a check-in database is to take care of all the details, and what a great number of details there are!

It took a few cycles and some false starts (pun not intended), but it is now possible to configure a Time Trial in RaceDB, with multiple categories in each start wave, and instantly generate a seeded start list based on the estimated speeds of the riders (captured at race check-in).

You can then adjust the start list manually (if you like) and print/publish the start times.

Generate a "perfect" Excel sheet for CrossMgr (including bibs and chip tags).

From CrossMgr, just do a "New from RaceDB..." press the "Start Race" button and go.

RaceDB events can also be "optional", that is, participants can choose them or not a check-in.

Current, an Event is either "Included" or "Optional". If "Included" every rider in the competition is automatically entered in the event. If "Optional", riders can choose to participate, or not.

Coming soon: "Opt-Out Optional" events. Every rider is added by default, but can choose to Opt-Out.

The idea here is to reduce the load on the registration staff as much as possible.

Events that are Included, Opt-In or Opt-Out reduce the choices required, reduce errors, and reduce the time required for check-in.