CrossMgr: Now with better Pulling

Post date: Dec 28, 2018 4:32:51 PM

Riders are not pulled (80% rule) in every race, but at the higher levels it has to be done (and it's a UCI rule).

In previous versions of CrossMgr, pulling was designed to be done real-time during the race.

An official would pull the riders in the 80% zone, then radio the pulled rider to the finish.

One entered the bibs into CrossMgr, record the last lap time, then mark the rider as pulled.

This doesn't always work. Sometimes riders get pulled to quickly to be recorded in real time, or there is no radio connection with the 80% zone at all. And, if it didn't work (or you got anything wrong), it was painful to fix in CrossMgr.

Officials have a standard form where they enter the Laps to Go and the Bibs in the order they were pulled.

It would be great to be able to enter this format directly into CrossMgr and see the results updated accordingly. As usual, it should be easy to fix errors (wrong bib numbers, wrong laps to go) at any time.

This is now possible in the Pulled screen in CrossMgr. Simply enter the Laps To Go and the Bib numbers pulled.

CrossMgr will take care of the rest. Entries on the Pulled screen take precedence over recorded laps. For example, if a rider is pulled but refuses to stop and records more lap times, these will not count in the rider's ranking.

Record a rider a pulled by mistake? Or, recorded the pulled sequence wrong? No problem! Just fix it in the Pulled screen and the results will be fixed.

Available in CrossMgr 2.4.0.