StageRaceGC: Individual GC and Team GC Calculator

Post date: Jun 24, 2015 8:38:34 PM

The first version of StageRaceGC is now released.

The "help" still needs a bit more work, but basically, you start with an input Excel sheet. The program makes two output Excel sheets - one for the Individual GC for all stages, and one for the Team GC for all stages.

In the input Excel file, it all starts with "Registration" sheet which must include these headers on the first row:

Bib, Last Name, First Name, Team, UCI Code (Optional) and License (Optional)

Then, for each stage results, you add a sheet with the following headers on the first row:

Bib, Place, Time, Bonus (time bonus - optional)

"DQ", "DNF" or "DNS" in the Place column indicates that the rider is not continuing.

Make sure to format the Time column as "hh:mm:ss.ddd" if you have fractions of a second, or as "hh:mm:ss" if you don't.

The names of each stage results sheet must end with "-RR", "-ITT" or "-TTT" corresponding to Road Race, Individual Time Trial or Team Time Trial (for example, "Stage1-ITT", "Stage2-RR", "Stage3-TTT", etc.). Otherwise they are ignored.

The program then generates two new sheets with the Individual GC by stage, and the Team GC by stage.

All UCI Stage Race tie-breaking rules are applied for the GC, including adding the second fractions back or using the last stage result. The Team GC calculation correctly does not consider the time bonuses and breaks ties properly.

You are in control of how the Team Time Trial is considered. Give the top riders the time of the 3rd rider's wheel and the Place in the finish. You can then specify how you want the other riders considered (do they get the actual time when they cross the line? do they all get the 3rd rider's time?). Configure the sheet as per the race tech guide.

StageRaceGC automatically scores all stages for the entire race "from scratch" each time. This means that if you need to change something a few stages ago, it will recompute the consequences for each Individual GC and Team GC.

All in seconds.

If someone has some stage race data they would like scored in a spreadsheet, forward it to me, and I will use it to further test the program.