Looking for Testers for the Alien Reader Adapter

Post date: Feb 23, 2013 2:39:51 PM

There has been some great progress on the CrossMgrAlien adapter.

I am looking for testers. If you have an Alien reader and are interested in using it with CrossMgr, download the CrossMgrAlien adapter, plug in your Alien reader (with antennas attached) and see if you can read some tags.

The CrossMgrAlien software should detect the Alien reader automatically, then send it configuration commands. We are still in the process of refining exactly what these commands should be.

If you run into any problems, press the "Copy to Clipboard" button, and paste the results into an email to me (edward.sitarski@gmail.com). This will help make improvements.

CrossMgr itself connects to the CrossMgrAlien adapter and receives the tag reads in real-time. As well as adding the riders to its input, tag reads can trigger a USB Webcam to take a picture of passing riders.

Tags are linked to riders as usual in the external Excel spreadsheet. Missed tag reads will be auto-corrected just like missed manual entries.

A document with more explanation is in the works.