Real-time Results

Post date: Aug 10, 2012 6:57:28 PM

CrossMgr's new real-time results feature was used at a race yesterday by Buffalo Bicycling Club in back-to-back 35 & 50 lap criteriums. See results here. The address was posted at the event as a QR-Code so it was easily accessed by spectators on their smart phones.

With an internet connection, CrossMgr can automatically publish its results during a race. A unique approach ensures timely updates based on race events (leaders, chase groups, main group, etc.) while minimizing bandwidth.

This ensures that spectators and fans can get important race information including leaders, chase groups and gaps by refreshing a web page.

The real-time results also show an animation that shows where the riders are on course. This is helpful for teams to know when riders are nearing feed zones, and for spectators to know when specific riders are approaching the finish line.