Callups and Seeding: CallupSeedingMgr - a Better Solution

Post date: Jun 11, 2015 1:35:48 PM

Mountain Bike Season is here, and with it comes the problem of start line callups.

Riders are usually called to the line by decreasing number of UCI points.

But... there is usually other criteria including National points, Regional points, or by finish position in last year's race.

In the past, this involved a laborious and error-prone process of finding the rider in the UCI points list (on the UCI site), then cross-referencing with the National points lists etc.

Getting this right for a few hundred riders can take hours of searching.

And there was always the possibility of missing something due to a slightly misspelled name or a missing accented character. Riders get upset when the callups are wrong.

Enter CallupSeedingMgr. This program can produce callups based on *any* number of criteria (UCI Points, National Points, Regional Points, Last Year's Results - you name it).

It works with the publically available information right off the UCI site (see the tutorial for details).

Using a sophisticated sound-alike search (double metaphone), it is tolerant of minor name misspellings (missing accents, hyphenated names, th vs t, etc.).

Best of all, it produces callups in seconds.

This makes it possible to produce callups for day-of registration at any event.

Quickly publish the callups ahead of time so riders can check themselves (just in case there are problems).

Using the Seeding option, it produces results for time trials (highest-ranked rider last).

Using the program with USAC or other National or Regional license codes is even easier. If CallupSeedingMgr finds them, it will use them (much more reliable than name-based search). If licenses codes are not present, it will fall back on using the UCI Code (if available) and name based search. All this is automatic.

Also useful for Cyclocross.

The program reads an Excel spreadsheet with information you probably have anyway.

And, it comes with a built-in tutorial to get you going (including how to get the UCI points from the web site).

CallupSeedingMgr is available here.