RaceDB: New Licence Check Screens

Post date: Dec 13, 2017 11:08:03 AM

RaceDB 1.32.62 now has screens to help with license checking.

The first new screen allows you to configure which categories require license checks (for example, beginner categories may not required license checks).

From the "Competition Dashboard", press the "Check Licenses" button and select which Categories require license checks, and any special note about each one. For example, in the note, you can list the category codes printed on the license which can race in that category. For example, "RME codes only".

You can also specify a note which is displayed for all License Checks. For example, "Riders with a license issued outside the US and Canada requires a letter of permission from their federation."

License Checks are configured at the Competition by Category, so it is easy to configure the specific requirements of each Competition.

For categories requiring a license check, a new License Check step is presented in the Participant screen after the Category has been established. This step is must be completed before the Bib number is shown.

The License Check step present all the rider's information and a general checklist of what to check on the license (valid year, signed, photo id, name, gender, license code, UCI ID and team). The screen also shows any notes about the rider, the specific Category Note and the General Note (specified in the "Check Licenses" screen).

If any of the information is incorrect, it is easy to changed it by pressing the "Fix" buttons conveniently located next to each line in the checklist. The "Fix" buttons open the appropriate screen required to update the incorrect information for the rider.

Pre-reg import also accepts a new field called "License Checked". This allows you to initialize the "License Checked" status from a pre-reg Excel import. It is also output when you export Participants in Excel.

Finally, the "Check Licenses" configuration screen supports an export/import to Excel. This makes it easy to copy configurations from one Competition to another.

Of course, the "Check License" info is included when you do a "Copy Format" from the Competitions screen.

These new screens streamline the process for reg staff or officials to perform comprehensive license checks.

Rather than making notes and updating the information later, the new screens allow errors to be fixed online at registration so that all information is correct.