CrossMgr 2.2.0: Now the recomended version

Post date: Nov 11, 2015 1:17:55 AM

It is with great pride that I upgrade the recommended version of CrossMgr to v2.2.0.

I can't thank the CrossMgr user community enough for all the great input.

If you are using v2.1.88 you are already familiar with the great features in v2.2.0.

For those who are on the previous stable version, some highlights are listed below.

For further details, refer to the product help.

  • Initialize the Categories automatically from the Excel spreadsheet.

  • Support for PDF output.

  • Support for Lap Primes.

  • New Lap Chart in the web output.

  • Support for UCI Road Race timing (no decimals, riders separated by less then 1 second get the same time)

  • Support for Bib, BibList and BibTable in Notes (makes it easy to use Excel info in Notes)

  • Improved photo delay synchronization

  • Support for Google Analytics in web output

  • Support for Ipico import format.

  • Match RFID tags in the future if they are not initially in the Excel sheet.

  • Improved web real-time update.

  • ... and dozens of bugs

Thanks again for your support.